Business Infographics Pack

Infographics Convert!

Although infographics are not a new trend, they are still a very popular way of marketing and providing information to website visitors. The reason for this is they have an amazing ability to communicate a lot of information quickly.

Businesses use this to their advantage, as it is perfect for those visitors that want information NOW! and for spreading on social media. With social media, useful inforgraphics often get shared by other users and can even go viral. This can result in masses of traffic, but also often result in steady ongoing traffic for websites.

As the demand for these clever communication and marketing tools have increased, we decided it was time to provide a pack of business focused infographics.


Business InfoGraphics Pack

Business InfoGraphics

The pack contains the following templates (pre-filled with information):

  • 5 Main Reasons Why Startups Fail

  • 5 Traits All Successful Businesswomen Have In Common

  • 5 Ways To Hack Your Business Growth

  • 5 Ways To Reward Your Loyal Customers

  • 6 Differences between Social and Traditional CRM

  • 10 Highly Successful Business Owners (Who Started Late)

  • 20 Powerful Words That Sell

  • Back End Ideas For Your Business

  • How Poor Customer Service Can Affect Your Business

  • How To Achieve A Paperless Business Operation

  • How To Be A Likable, Approachable Person To Work With

  • How To Convert Prospects Into Customers

  • Top 7 Most Powerful Businesswomen in the World

  • What Do Colors Say About Your Business

  • Why Your Business Should Go Mobile

These are perfect for both designers and relatively novice users. Beginners can just alter the text, where as designers can add and rearrange as they please.

Files are provided in the following formats:

  • PNG

  • JPEG

  • AI

  • PSD

(All fonts are also provided)

Grab this easy to use pack and start getting your business ideas spreading on the web.

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